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I've been thinking for days about what to contribute to this thread, ever since I saw Jane Q link to it.

I've come to the conclusion that most of what think has already been said, and probably better than I could say it.

- While I recognize the historical baggage of the term marriage, it does not affect my personal marriage. It may affect society's view of my marriage, but I really couldn't care less.

- I agree that all legal unions (whether you call them marriages or civil unions or households or whatever) should have all the same benefits regardless of gender or the number (or sexual relationship) of consenting adults involved. The only thing that would need to really be addressed, as I see it, is how certain benefits would be divided among more than two people.

MC and I got married in a church because it was easier. If it hadn't been easier, a civil ceremony rather than a religious one would have been just fine. A civil union would have been just fine too, had it provided the exact same benefits at the time. We didn't need the piece of paper to show the world our commitment to each other- we wanted it to make medical insurance, property ownership, and having kids easier. And I did enjoy getting to change my last name. My maiden name was ALWAYS getting misspelled and mispronounced!
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