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Ugh... getting back with exes.

Why did they break up? Have they dealt with those issues head-on? Or are they just assuming that enough time has passed and those issues will magically have evaporated?

I'm also bothered by her roundabout method of communication. "I'm interested in living in a household with two men" instead of "I would like to consider also living with Mr. Ex."

You both established boundaries (NSA). You had reservations that hooking up with her ex might be more than NSA. You did not voice your reservations because you "trust" her. Trust her to what? Not have feelings for him? I would say that wanting him to move in is pretty much the opposite of NSA...

You can't force a triad. It seems that over time, they often tend to drift towards a vee. You need to be prepared that this might happen.

And last but not least... What in Hell's name are you doing even considering moving in with someone you have never met?!? *shakes head*

Y'all got issues, too many to deal with before this is even remotely open for consideration...
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