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Originally Posted by AJ1 View Post
The advice to do what YOU want is nice, but (IMO) its not realistic. Someone is always disappointed and/or offended. Ultimately, that is their problem, but we have to deal with the fallout, and want to avoid it if we can with some careful schedule finessing and loads of coffee
That's why I don't get involved with people like that. The people I choose to spend my life with accept that I'm selfish with my time and that I only do things on my terms. As was mentioned earlier, this means that when they do get to spend time with me, they know without a doubt that it's because I truly want to be there, and not because I feel obligated.

I think that all comes down to self-esteem. I don't worry that people will get upset if I choose me first. I'm not saying that people won't get upset if I choose me first... just that I don't worry about it

And yeah... SOMEONE is always disappointed and/or offended. Always. You can't please everyone. Ever. And if you always try to please everyone else, you guarantee exactly one thing: that you yourself won't be pleased. So why try?
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