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This kind of stuff happens even outside poly romantic entanglements. My BF and I haven't been together long enough to warrant spending holidays together, but DH and I deal with a similar rigmarole every Thanksgiving and Christmas - with two sets of divorced parents. That movie Four Christmases? Yeah, I can totally relate! The advice to do what YOU want is nice, but (IMO) its not realistic. Someone is always disappointed and/or offended. Ultimately, that is their problem, but we have to deal with the fallout, and want to avoid it if we can with some careful schedule finessing and loads of coffee

Could you:
- Go see your parents on Xmas Eve
- Spend 2-4 hours first thing Xmas morning working
- Skip the extended family lunch and chill most of the day with GF while BF is with his family
- Have a late-ish dinner date and snuggles with BF in honor of your anniversary

You'll be totally exhausted, but everyone would know you value them by making sure you made time. I swear I'm tempted every year to say eff-it! and book a Xmas cruise.
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