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I got married because I wanted to make an official promise to my husband that no matter what happens in our lives, as long as I still love him, I will do everything I can to work through our problems.

I don't get what the big deal is. If you're anti-marriage, just don't do it. Why spoil it for the rest of us? I'm married, and I happen to love it. Yeah, the tax benefits are great. It's convenient to call certain organizations and say "Hi, I'm Mrs. Schrodinger and I'd like to discuss my husband's affairs," by-passing some of the red tape. But none of that is the reason I got married. In Canada, you get all that with common-law, even the name change if you want. I'm Canadian, so I don't really care how y'all do it.

I'm not an anthropologist, but I'm not convinced that the first instances of "marriage" were fathers selling their daughters. The institution of marriage pre-dates recorded history. Human-ownership is a relatively modern occurrence. For the first 90,000 or so years of human civilization, people still needed a way to guarantee protection for children and pregnant women; in exchange, men guaranteed their paternity. When society as a whole shifted to an attitude of women as property, marriage simply followed suit. When Western society shifted back, marriage again followed suit.

Even the "payment" from fathers for marriage is often misunderstood. In many cases, the dowry was actually a way to protect the woman's livelihood. Should something happen to her husband, the livestock would give her the means to support herself.
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