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Originally Posted by samines View Post
I am the stereotypical "unicorn" in a lot of ways- I'm 18, female, bi, skinny... also, compersion really gets to me, so I tend to be attracted to couples. Oh, and I'm attracted to the age range 10-15 years older than me. I fit in the "unicorn" category pretty perfectly... except, I'm looking for something so much different.
That's exactly what makes a unicorn a unicorn. That "except" isn't just incidental. It's the entirety of what makes unicorns non-existent.

Somewhere along the lines, people seem to have gotten the idea that a unicorn is synonymous with a hot bi babe, which you are. But they're not the same thing. What makes a unicorn different is exactly what you aren't: someone who wants to "join" a marriage as a second class citizen.
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