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First thing is, when I saw this-
Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Bottom line? You are 18 years old and have a long life ahead. Why saddle yourself with a tumultous couple with a toddler and a soon-to-be-newborn so early in your young adult life?
-my first reaction was (as an 18 yr-old who has fallen twice for couples with kids) to buck against it. I hate it hearing that because I'm young, I should go practice dating mono for a while, or I should stay away from complicated situations- as if being older somehow makes the sacrifices more worth it? (I'm not saying that was what GalaGirl meant, but it's what her post triggered for me.)

I did want to weigh in, though that- regardless of your age- I agree:
It sounds messy over there.
There'll be other people out there. From what you've said, I'd throw in the towel. Sounds like you're giving up a lot to fit their vision for the relationship, and it's still not working. It doesn't sound like that holds much promise of changing.
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