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I don't find the piece particularly spiritually moving. For me it borders on offensive actually. It is an obvious departure on the Lord's Prayer. It could be perceived to trivialize a person's chosen faith path or trivialize polyamory -- a person's chosen relationship-ing path. I do not find trivializing people spiritually uplifting - it does not help them to become their best selves if I trivialize them and it does not help me become my best self if I am doing the trivializing.

If meant as a joke, still not particularly funny to me. Spoofing the Lord's Prayer has been done many times through various lenses. This one isn't quite there with snap and crackle. The best humor for me makes me think in a new way or makes everyone feel good. It is not at the expense of others. This does neither for me.

(It posted in the wrong place if meant as a joke too.)

So there my honest opinion and it is not sugar coated either.

But it also comes a while later... When I first read it my knee jerk response was "wtf? "

So I had to choose to walk away and recenter myself before commenting on it so I could be able to give critique and explain WHY a thing resonates with me or not.

So my opinion matches nycindie... Not esp finding this piece moving.

And my opinion also matches Esperanza a bit. You don't have to like the thing, nycindie , and you have every right to express your opinion. I would be more interested in hearing your WHY though so your voice is read in full color. I've read thought provoking things you write in other threads when you take the time to flesh it out more. Are you ok today? This original post seems to have pushed a button and then you appeared to go into defense mode.

Esperanza - shutting off people's voices isn't kind. Are you ok today? Since you enjoyed the piece maybe reading someone else not liking it so vehemently without background WHY reasons pushed a button? You appeared to go into defense mode too.

I am sorry if you both had a hard day today. I know I did which is why I was poking in this area hoping for something uplifting to read.

While it was not what I hoped for in the soul bucket place of things to think about this piece did make me think about other things... So thanks explorer22, Esperanza, and nycindie for that.

I feel reflective today so I'm off to do more of that off line and journal.


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