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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
She also brought up an interesting point, which she's touched on before but not gone into depth about -- namely, that her attraction to men has increased and her attraction to women waned to some degree since she's been off hormonal birth control. She emphasized that she still wants me, individually, but admitted that it's probably made a difference in her ability to easily express that desire. She said that she's planning on going back on at least a low dose soon, for multiple reasons, so it'll be interesting to see how/if that shifts things.
Pregnancy alone can make your sex drive wonky. It took me 18 months - 2 years for my body to settle back down, with both my boys. I think it was a little longer with my second, but that was probably because of stress and exhaustion.

Glad you were able to express yourself and get what you needed in return.
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