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So I go in tomorrow (Wednesday) for pre-op. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday at 11. I have to be there at 9 to get set up and all of that.

They said that they plan to send me home Friday (not sure WHEN Friday) if there are no complications, I am able to walk and my pain is controlled well enough with the oxycodone to allow me to tolerate it, and I'm not puking (from the anesthesia for the surgery).

FINGERS CROSSED all of those things will be ok and I will come home on New Years Day.

We were supposed to do Christmas that day (Friday). We don't do Christmas on Dec. 25th because of the "his/mine/ours" situation with the kids because the "mine/his" were always with their other parents that day. So we've always done Christmas on New Years.

Anyway-this year we're hoping to do it January 2nd if I do get to come home on the first.

Please keep happy thoughts coming our way. Hopefully by next week I'll be able to go back to my REGULAR amount of posting and participating in the board!

I won't have the laptop at the hospital, but the doctor told me point blank that posting was a GREAT outlet for after the surgery as it will "keep me involved with other people" and allow me an "outlet". I just have to rememember to "get up and walk regularly" because the walking will promote blood flow, reduce risk of blood clots and speed up healing.

The surgery itself entails a 1 inch cut in my neck above my collar bone. They go in and cut out, pull out and whatever other method-remove the hardened material which WAS the disk. Then they put a bone graft in its place in order to keep the two vertebrae apart so that the nerves have space. Then they bolt a metal plate to each of the two vertebrae which will keep the bone in place (as a "space saver")....

The hardened material is now crushing the nerves from my spinal cord to my left arm, reducing the space they normally have to run through, by over 2/3 and crushing into my spinal cord itself. It's pressing almost 1/2 into the spinal cord-risking a HIGH possibility of it "tearing through" the outer layer and causing permanent damage which could render me paralyzed from there down if it's not fixed.

SO wish me luck. Kind of scary-lots of stress. But hopefully it will be significantly better asap.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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