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Update / What I'm thinking and dreaming about...

First, there's the expert on Arctic sea ice, who says the Arctic sea ice will be all melted in summer within FOUR years. Reading this news was -- emotionally -- sort of like getting struck by a Mac truck. I'm still pondering the implications and letting it settle into consciousness. It's just too much.

I think we should all abandon the fossil fuel world as soon as possible, and that means a radical transformation of our way of life.

I think we can have a good quality of life with a vastly smaller dependency and use of fossil fuels, but doing so requires a serious reconsideration of all kinds of basic things. It also requires cooperation, collaboration, organizing.... But I will not put a lot of stock in "the political process". The necessary changes won't be primarily political / governmental in nature. The lead needs to arise from within a small -- but growing! -- minority.

This is a global emergency, folks.


Dreams ...

I've been dreaming about the touch of women. Erotic touch. It has been SO long! Way too long.
bi, partnered, available

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