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Loving people without dating them? Yup. Had that. Still do.

And mostly it's about changing the record playing in my head. Rather than play "Argh! I cannot have! I am screwed! I have to get them OUT of my head!" type thoughts when around them, I just play the record of "I love being around this person! I could soooo date them! But it is not the right time. So I'll just enjoy them in friendship in the meanwhile!"

Some of my crushes go on for years. And my friends that I crush on don't know it.

There's a time and a place for everything. And everything at the right time and place. If it isn't the time, it isn't the time right now.

What kinds of thoughts do you play to yourself about this crush person? I mean, why the need to "get over her" and be free of your crush feelings? Are you sure it isn't the need to be free of your thoughts? What exactly is it about having the crush that is making you uncomfortable?


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