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Question Possible poly relationship?

Well where do I start,

I've been with my wife for 6 years and married for nearly 3, we've had our ups and downs as all relationships do.

About 18 months ago, we had a three sum with my best mate, which got me thinking about possibly bringing someone else in on NSA basis.

We currently have an open marriage where we can sleep with other people strictly on a NSA basis due to living in different country's knowing that we are both human, and rather than something happening, and destroying the relationship, just be up front an honest about it, and as long as it just remains as a NSA relationship, and when were back together it ends.

Now tonight she was supposed to have her ex over, now I've always been wary of ex's as there was once an emotional attachment, so could easily begin another, but as I trust her ( open relationship won't work without trust), and the idea of her with another guy turns me on.... I just said have fun.

Now during the day she was saying that the three of us should have a threesome sometime, and when he couldn't come around after all due to family issues, the talk turned to her wanting to live with two guys, been in a relationship with both of them.

The idea had crossed my mind in the past, but not knowing she was actually keen for it, I never said anything.

At first I said if you want to do that, then we find someone new, someone we are both attracted to, and we can both have a relationship with together and alone.

She came back with there is only one person she would want to have a relationship like that with, and that is her ex.

Well I haven't meet this ex as of yet, but she keeps on saying we are very similar and will prob get on really well. So I've said ill be willing to give it a go, and when we are back together next year, organise the 3 of us to go on a date, and see what happens from there.

I've also said that it'll need to be a all for all relationship, so there is no centre person. So no mater which of the trio we are with, we are together, eg, if my wife goes away for a weekend, and its just me and the other guy at home, things wouldn't be any different than if me and him were in a monogamous gay relationship.

The biggest question I have is how does these sorts of relationships affect children. And at what point In the relationship do you go public?

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