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Default Miscommunication

There was a miscommunication between myself and Airyn. It dragged out over several days. He was talking about very different amounts of time then I was talking about.

It resulted in an argument, yelling, tears, and physical manifestations of stress.

We figured out what had happened, and several points where it could have been cleared up but wasn't.

I wrote all about it in detail. But I'm not going to post any more about it just yet. I think I'm still too raw, and angry to be level headed. Plus I've barly slept.

Maybe in a couple days I'll reread what I wrote today, and consider if I still feel it is accurate or not.

Livingmybestlife: I actually spoke with Airyn about several of your concerns before reading your messages. Some of these are still up in the air so to speak.

Airyn has not spoken to Chipmunk about her attitude towards Wolf.
I have informed him that his responses to this are placing Chipmunk and I in a position to have a real serious fight. I told him he needs to fix it, that he can not side with her again when this comes up next. He say that she has been pointing out Wolf's mess for a month or more. I told him he should have handled it so she was not thinking it was OK to bring this to me the way she has.

I also told Airyn that his way of handleing Wolfs mess after I told him to talk to Chipmunk about it was him making sure he avoided this issue one more day.

I told him that I see this avoiding of important conversations as a trend. He disagreed so I asked some questions. I asked him if he has talk to Chipmunk about the roommate agreement we need to be ironing out. I asked if he's talked with her about her paying a small amount of rent and 1/4 the utilities starting in January. I asked if he has talked to her about her getting her own apartment, and transportation. He's response, no, but I still have time.

I did not state the obvious, but maybe I should have. January is less then 2 weeks away, and he and I have been talking about these things at least since the Roommate comment (about a 3 weeks ago now). Some things longer then that.

I did tell him that I would not be sending out another email for him three months from now. He says I'm speculating. I say I'm responding to a trend. To how he treats issue between him and Chipmunk, and between Me and Chipmunk, and now between Chipmunk and Wolf.

I expect we'll have this converaation again later today (Wednesday for me).
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