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PS. It constantly amazes me that the two people that I have been unable to avoid having "strong feelings" for also happen to be two people who are able to be in a polyship with me (and each other). Don't quite know how I managed that exactly...
It's the same for Ginko. When she came across the term demisexual it fit fairly well, meeting two people that really interest her in the last ~5 years, marrying one (me) and dating the other for 1.5 years so far.

As for loving people without dating them, I've experienced that with a few friends. In the past it was difficult as typically when I have such strong emotions I'd like there to be a physical component, but lately I've been finding that as long as I can be with Ginko regularly and am exercising enough to not have too much excess physical energy, I can simply enjoy the process of getting to know my friends and not feel such a need to date them. When Ginko and I aren't able to have much time alone together it gets more difficult, as then i end up feeling a need to be more sexual with others. I would prescribe regular crossfit workouts and sex 1-2 times per day ;-)
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