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Originally Posted by 923diver View Post
I am single and only want to be in a poly relationship with a couple.I'm a very discreet guy who enjoys making new friends and, if desired, participating with those who want to explore different scenarios in The Lifestyle environment . . .

I am very open to establishing an ongoing "friends with benefits" relationship or simply be an occasional“Let’s call him for a quickie” type of guy.Although I tend to be very sensual in the bedroom, including spending a lot of time massaging, caressing, kissing, oral, etc., I can be equally accommodating for those who simply want a “hard core sex and leave” session.
"The Lifestyle" is a swinger term. There is no one poly lifestyle. Poly can be part of any kind of lifestyle, and the focus is on loving relationships rather than sex. Everything you are talking about sounds more like swinging than poly. Not sure if you will really find much for you here. Have you checked out any swinging sites?
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