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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Male and straight...well...not entirely sure about that.

I dont actually know what I'd be referred to as. I'm not against the idea of being emotionally or physically involved with another man but I don't find the idea appealing enough to seek it out.
I've seen the term "heteroflexible" and (if I were the goddess of vocabulary) this would seem an appropriate usage. Not repulsed but not attracted to the idea implies to me that there could be a rare guy (maybe so rare that you have never met one) that could pique your interest.


PS. It could also mean that you could, potentially, be a great find for girls (like me) who enjoy sex with more than one guy at the same time but want ALL of the attention. IF that "not against/not for" translates into "naked guys sexing in close proximity doesn't make me uncomfortable" AND you're into group sex...
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