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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I suppose over the years I've grown accustomed to being the more adaptable on in my relations with people and finding that it's simpler to adjust myself to the situation rather than try to ask others to adjust to my desires. In this case though, I just felt I had no right to ask my partner to not to do something with another person.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
For me I would want feedback. For me to be able to date, my spouse would have to be on board. Because time is a resource. If I'm spending time elsewhere with someone else, I need to know his needs are met in the relationship tier of (me + Him) -- otherwise I'm spending time with another while neglecting him.

I also would value his feedback if I'm too NRE drunk to see the character flaws of another person I'm dating.

If he's feeling jealous about it -- I want to know. Jealousy is a flag emotion that some need is not met.
I don't have a lack of time with her. Nor can I really think of any need of mine that isn't being met properly. If it was a matter of taking something away from our relationship for the sake of that one, I might have been more outspoken, but it wasn't. I think I was just uncomfortable with her being with someone that makes me uneasy.
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