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Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
How long ago did you move to N.O.? Is tomorrow your weekly date night with your boyfriend, you mean? Then you have a first date with someone new tonight?

I can't really tell you what you 'should' do - but I can tell you what I would do!

I would probably stay, if it were me. But everyone reacts differently. My girlfriend would probably go out. You could always have a middle ground? Make the date really short, or something similar?

If you cancelled, what would happen? Would you have to leave the date until after the New Year? Would that be a problem for you?
I probably would have to put it off until after the new year.

We moved to N.O. at the beginning of November, just after the election, but we just got our own place last week. We were crashing at a friends place and job hunting, etc.

It is tricky because I cannot tell if he would rather have the alone time, or if he just does not want to ask me to cancel. I think I shall probably make it short and come home and do something he likes with him. I hope I can cheer him up a bit. I made his favorite ice tea so it is there when he gets home from work, and I unpacked almost the entire living room so he does not have to worry about it. We shall see.

Thanks for the advice!
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