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I also have something else to say, so why the fuck what if he is stress out over your conversation. Aren't you stressed over this whole thing? Don't you matter in this at all? Putting my personal beliefs out there, but didn't chipmunk state she wasn't buying the portion for Wolfe when making dinner it was for her and Aeryn.

Non polyfamily's realize that time spend with the child is part of their relationship and honestly she is spending time with him and wolfe, her choice she moved in. I don't understand why that doesn't count.

I gucess I just want to say to you, that you and Wolfe count. What person doesn't protect their child? Would Aeryn speak up to a teacher or someone like that to protect Wolfe? I don't mean to be offensive but he is failing in my mind by conflict avoiding with Chipmunk to not protect Wolfe. You need to decide if your okay with that.
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