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A struggle I am having with my primary is being codependent. He complains about things that effect us both. I ask him to address the issues and he doesn't so I do.

What this does to us:

He is the good guy!
I am the raving bitch or just a bitch.
Causes conflict between us.
Causes conflict with me and other people.

After therapy I see my part in it. I see his as well. He is setting me up to be the "bad guy".

I believe this relates to your situation and makes one that is already unfair to you even more difficult.

I to have a DD she is 13. Very typical behavior of that age. My concern is for Wolfe, that is she hears such nonsense she will feel less.

I also wonder why Chipmunk must be protected at all costs from her behavior.

I also know often in my life people who trust me the most treat me the worst because they know I am not a runner and will be here. My relationship with my primary who is my husband is that we are in house separated while he works on his FOO issues. I had no choice but to do this as he doesn't respect me as a person and crosses boundaries repeatedly. I needed to do this not just for myself but for my daughter.

I haven't posted in a very long time. I don't presume to judge u, I see our roles with our spouses being similar.
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