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Well, I talked to Airyn while he was making coffee. He said it didn't come up, and he didn't talk to Chipmunk about her telling us how to discipline Wolf.

Unfortunately he also told me that he basically erm proactively? avoided it coming up. He said that before he left to pick Chipmunk up from work he told Wolf to clean up her dishes, and be in bed by the time he got back.

Which as a parent was the right thing to do. So not really avoiding discussing this issue with Chipmunk so much as making Wolf do her part. However the result of which means that he did avoid the usual situation of Wolf going to bed and leaving her dishes out. I can't fault him for that, but I really wish he had found another way to take care of this last night. Oh well. There are other nights, it is a very common thing for Wolf to do. Shoot this morning I reminded her that she has to take care of her cats, and she still didn't clean their litter pans before headed to school. *Sigh*

Maybe she needs to try a spreadsheet of her own. Must to find something that actually works for her.
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