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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Are you saying it came about the other way? You told a man she crushes on that you are cool with him having a casual sex or poly relationship with her without her blessing or knowing you were going to do that? She didn't initiate first contact?
Not sure if I ever clarified this. But no, they had been flirtatious and making advances towards each other long before I even learned from her (my SO) that she was interested in him. That was a source of surprise for me, I was taken aback, but the fact that she found the time to divulge everything showed me I can trust her, as opposed to springing more on me. I am not the jealous type, but I do like my world to be real and known, no hiding things. It's not necessary. I am already an open accepting person. Anyway, I digress... I never told the guy such direct information, but the implication was completely known, and no, it wasn't before she told me she wanted him, nor was it before she spoke to him that it could happen. And he had in fact asked her to come meet her after work at his place a couple of times, all before I went and verified with him that she told him that (at the party where I lightly suggested the verify).
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