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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
That's true and when you have multiple children in different grades-sometimes it seems like several full time jobs.
But let me tell you-I have NEVER loved any job I was paid to do as much as I love watching the test scores come out (in Alaska even homeschool kids are required to do the standardized gov't testing for schools) and knowing that the reason all these kids scores are off the charts, is the time and work and devotion I put into making sure they got the teaching they needed.
Feels MUCH more "useful" and meaningful to me then any other job I've done (banker, loan officer, cashier, management, dancer etc).

sorry but isn't at least a little bit of credit due to the children themselves for the test results? i don't mean to take away from the time, work and devotion you put in but surely they are the ones who do the learning and do the tests?

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