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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I'd suggest not worrying about this guy any more and considering revising your communication style for how you let other people know you are in an open relationship.
Yeah good thoughts.

I take a hands off approach. Openness comes with independence. I am not supposed to be watching her, taking care of her, being responsible for her. I don't need to be policing it. That is not letting someone have their freedom. "Yeah, you guys can have fun, but no horse play, be back by 2am, and if you hurt her feelings or physically, I will make sure you pay for it." Ok, yeah, I really want my SO telling my other GFs that, yeah sure. That's not an open trusting relationship.

I've already told her her my opinion of him. That he's a lowlife who owns pawnshops, is charming and cute, is young and probably immature, and if she wants to play with that, go ahead.
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