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I freaking HATE this not being able to communicate my feelings via electronic means to him. I just end up bottling everything up and it just feeds an awful loop of stress and ugly stuff.

I hate feeling this vulnerable. I hate being this insecure. And I hate that we went from an amazing weekend that was super romantic and lovely to this 2 weeks later, and I hate that I can not figure out how it happened.

I'm just feeling insecure lately. Grrr. I'm exhausted anyway, and have a thousand other things stressing me out besides this. This is just the one thing I could have prevented or helped. Everything else is kind of out of my control. I've not sleeping well at all for months now, and that doesn't help my frame of mind.

I honestly don't know if I should just cut & run, as I think the timing is WAY off here. I don't know. *head explodes* *again*
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