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Alright...Well this is a guy that I met and became friends with while I was out at a convenience store with my SO. He seemed like a cool guy, new to the island, and a good guy to strike a friendship with. We hit it off right away, and my SO only slowly became his friend because she is a more shy person. As time progressed, and friendship progressed, and we mixed up with the guy at different social occasions, my SO finally said to me that she'd love to have sex with the guy. I gave her my blessing to play around with the guy (kiss, sex, whatever), and everytime she came back telling me how peacefully the dates went (it could be just meeting when he was exhausted after work, or bad timing), but that there seemed to be a hurdle. But I know the guy is a strapping young lad, a real ladies man and beyond, and that maybe he was just respecting that she is my GF and he and I are friends and didn't want to be an ass, no matter what she told him or what advances she made. Not that he's a gentlemen, he owns and operates successful pawnshops around the Caribbean, so he's used to street life/smarts more than your average gentlemen. So anyway, my SO told me she had told him that I give them my blessing to have fun, but my SO told me that he likes a girl who is more of a girlfriend material, and he likes to pursue the girl, he doesn't like easy girls. Anyway, after that we were out at a party and he was there, and he came over to our table and we invited him to sit down and have some drinks with us. At that time, I said "Did [my SO] tell you I'm ok with the two of you having fun?" And his response was cool, smiling "yes she did, yes she did, very nice." But I think when I just said basically "yeah, take off your clothes and get it on" it kind of took the wind out of his sail. We've met many times since, and my SO and I pay him visits at work to shoot the shit and stuff. The other night she went out with him. She said they didn't even kiss. So I don't know what's up with the guy. But it was the second time I mentioned the freedom, that he made me think I was being a tool.

There are missing elements to this story, I can't write the whole book here But suffice to say that should answer your question, or at least give you the texture of things.
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