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Nothing much is happening at the moment. I finally found some time to read for fun over the weekend. I know why I avoided doing this for so long: I am such an addict. I couldn't stop once I got into the story and now I am waiting for the rest to be delivered because I instantly ordered the rest of the series. *sigh* Which will be a Christmas present … another week before I will be able to read on …

I neglected Sward and Lin over this book totally. Luckily I am a fast reader, it took me Sunday, Sunday night and Monday to finish it, and I never did as much as avert my eyes when they spoke to me Still a bit sleep-deprived and kind of out of time today, but reality got me back ^.^

Saturday was great, the 30th birthday of my cousin. It was fun to see all the folks again and talk to them. My aunt (who lost her husband last year) has come back to life and was honestly having fun, even though she seemed a bit strained because of the divorce of her oldest son and the plans for shared/divided Christmas between him, his wife and her grandchild. But they are handling things with care and the child seems to be relaxed even though Christmas will be different this year for him.

Along the lines of her questioning me about my exams and future prospects we talked about what we plan to do if there would be the possibility of a child during next year. I said that we had to move in this case and that I would postpone my start into the working life for half a year. She caught the moving thing and asked if our roommate couldn't move out in that case. I just smiled (along with my BiL who was grinning from one ear to the other) and said that he was unlikely to ever move out again and that all of us would move together. She laughed and said: “You got accustomed to him for sure!” We left it at that.

We talked about the next cousin get together and decided that we would like to host it at our place (my siblings and I still live on the same property). My sister wasn't pleased by the way the last meeting had taken place (some cousins haven't been invited, the organizers forgot about them) and wants to take things into her own hands this time. Seems like my opportunity to introduce Lin to the family arose sooner than I expected. Yeay We will see how it goes in some months' time.
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