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Question New to poly and Bi-sexuality

I married a non-monogamous man who has lovingly encouraged me to explore my sexuality as we take on the adventure of polyamory. I have known, since I was young that I was attracted to both men and women, but never talked about it or really explored it, other than having a lot of friends who were lesbians that I had secret crushes on.
Now, as a much older person, I feel that I want to meet other women who would be open to a sexual relationship if it felt right, and I am finding it difficult to meet people. I still am attracted to women, some close friends, but they get the "ick" factor going if I mention any of this, and some have decided not to be friends with me, which is so sad to me.
Anyway, someone told me to "stick to my species", which now makes me wonder how to do that.
Any ideas? Anyone have experiences with this?
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