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Thanks Mya!

Unfortunately, our childcare plans fell through, so Fly was unable to attend the party. Moonlight accompanied me, and it went quite well. Pretty much everyone at work knows my life situation (because I'm TMI girl!), so it wasn't the freak show that she was a little fearful of. My friends really liked her, yay!

We had plans for a passionate night after the party, lightweight girl had a little too much to drink! It's so rare for me to be drunk, but apparently I passed out on poor Moonlight when we got home, and was unrousable. We are waaaaay overdue for a sexy love session, because last weekend she was super sick. We're hoping to do dinner and some naughty things on Wednesday.

Moonlight is taking me to a party on New Year's Eve, in a neighborhood near mine. I'd asked Fly if she could just spend the night at our house so she wouldn't have a long drive home late at night, and he agreed. During the conversation, Moonlight invited him to join us for the party, so I may get to have my duo-date yet!

I spent a lot of time with Fly this weekend, as we went to his friend's birthday party on Saturday and his family Christmas party on Sunday. Sometimes in all the whirlwind of Moonlight and I, I forget about his sweetness and generosity. Then, when I'm least expecting it, a big gooball of love drowns me and I remember what a beautiful man he is.

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