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She called me tonight to tell me that she is not comfortable with that and not desiring that.
You could get the clarify from her. What's this mean? She only wants group sex and you as a friend/playmate person? And loves you as a friend/playmate person but not as a full on GF?

If so, naturally you are disappointed and need time/space to heal from that.

I don't know right now in this moment how to handle seeing her next time we see them in a group, or even on my own.
BREATHE. Get the clarify.

I don't know how group sex will feel; it sounds a little torturous to "play" sexually with her, knowing that the more romantic intimacy is not something she feels or wants. My heart hurts from taking the risk of expressing my desire and from the feeling of rejection.
Then don't play with her sexually while you are in pain or if it leads to more pain for you. It's pretty simple, hon.

I am sorry you are hurting. But don't continue behavior at this time that adds to the hurt. Do the TLC that you need.

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