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I replied to your first thread, I suppose I should have put it here. But it looks like you guys have it worked out. In that thread, I was just explaining that Cuckolding, like BDSM, has a massive range in terms of what's done. But like BDSM is famous for it's whips, masks and dungeons--even though the play can be much subtler, cuckolding is known for it's extreme humiliation, even though there are aspects of it within the cuckolding community that are far, far tamer.

Most people think the guy has to be a "sissy" or a "bitch" to enjoy it. But the reality is that there only really has to be an acknowledgement that the "bull" fulfills a need the husband "can't" or won't. This can range from the extreme where the wife tells the cuckold he's completely inadequate and she can't get off with him, to the mild where the wife just wants someone with a higher libido. Most times it falls in between. Where the bull is somewhat better endowed and is in general, overall a better sexual partner (Though not a better overall partner)

How couples handle their relationship side also varies widely. Some couples do not humiliate the husband at all, but they only "cuddle" or do tertiary sex acts (Like hand jobs), while the bulk of the actual sex is reserved for the bull. While others have sex like rabbits, and the bull comes over once a week for the "cherry on top". Some even get more kinky and husband has to wear a condom while the bull is allowed to go bareback. (For many cucks, the bull leaving his "card" behind is a huge turn on.) And this can all be done with added "teasing" or humiliation or without. Some couples let the sex acts and less sex with the husband kind of speak for itself (In terms of teasing, the wife simply showing she takes the bull first is more than enough) others do some mild verbal teasing and still others can get extreme with chastity belts and the whole 9 yards (Though I find this is as rare as a full dungeon set up for BDSM people.)

Again though, it's such a massive range that labeling it all under cuckold can be confusing and it leads to be getting defensive about a kink that's so varied that I'm willing to bet most poly-people cross into it without even knowing (And vice versa, most cucks cross into poly lifestyles on many levels.) The moment it's brought up though, people associate the most extreme versions of it, which will instantly put most men on the defensive (With good reason. It's like trying to full suit bondage someone who might only like a light spanking.)

Anyway, it's great you three have found your comfort zone and I hope the three of you keep exploring it

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