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Thumbs down Trouble in Polyfidelitous Paradise

Well, I am AnaLisa. So for starters, I am 18. I am in a poly-amorous relationship with a married couple I have known for 3 years.
I have been friends with my girlfriend, Samantha, off and on for three years. Her and her husband, my boyfriend, have been married for a little more than one year. They share a daughter together, she is two, and have a son on the way.
This all started with a simple as admitting to our feelings for each other between Sam and I. And Glenn wanted to be around to "supervise" he didn't have to be around. But wanted to be able to see because their relationship had been on the rocks with a cheating past between the two. Her and I started kissing and next thing I knew, it led to a threesome. I was in a monogamous relationship at that point but ended it about 2 weeks after the three of us coming to the terms of having a relationship. It started of hot and heavy like any relationship but now its pretty much reached a dead point. I am rarely with Sam sexually alone. I was once but that ended up being a fall out and created and issue because I am not comfortable with sexual actions below the belt. It's unusual to me. While she wanted more attention during sex, between all of us, she seems more so yearning to JUST be with Glenn. This relationship started off of simple nothings with Glenn, we were together to make Sam happy. And maybe that was our problem, but now, him and I are in love. I love him and her. But it seems as if she is all too eager to pull us apart. She starts constant issues and seems really angry all the time. While she wants Glenn and I to develop, she gets really angry and somewhat jealous when I am with him. sexually and not. It gets frustrating because she is very needy and needs attention 24/7 and although I want to give that to her, I am the type that needs alone time and space. And yeah I want and enjoy being with Glenn sexually which lately has been very torn and scattered. We had a single escapade between him and I being together 2 weeks ago and I have been with him one time since with her involved. She has been with him twice within the allotted time. She complains she wants more "us" time but she seems much more caught up in being with JUST Glenn. I understand that because they are married but I mean I am apart of this, or at least I like to think I am. They want to do a hand-fasting ceremony this coming October but I don't foresee that happening with how the relationship is now. I just want to fix this relationship and end the stupid issues we keep having. I love them but sometimes I get to the point of saying, I can't take the bull shit any longer and I need an out. I love them both, I solemnly swear, but at what point is Samantha's pathetic fire starter arguments not worth it. If I can't keep her happy and am always wrong when do I throw in the towel and say it is over?
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