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Sometimes I think I feel too obligated to accept things I dislike and get used to them rather than trying to keep them out of my life.
The conflict that this particular situation caused is resolved I think. I just wonder how people in the community tended to deal with stuff like this. I know I might potentially be bothered by a partner interfering with who I wanted to be close to, and I don't want to be a hypocrite about it.
For me I would want feedback. For me to be able to date, my spouse would have to be on board. Because time is a resource. If I'm spending time elsewhere with someone else, I need to know his needs are met in the relationship tier of (me + Him) -- otherwise I'm spending time with another while neglecting him.

I also would value his feedback if I'm too NRE drunk to see the character flaws of another person I'm dating.

If he's feeling jealous about it -- I want to know. Jealousy is a flag emotion that some need is not met.

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