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Default Good morning, everyone!

Well, as is customary, introductions first. We are a poly-leaning couple from Minnesota. As an FYI, this is actually a joint account for the two of us so if you ever wish to contact one of us in specific, simply address it as such. Otherwise, the assumption will be you're addressing both of us.

Anyhow, we suppose a bit of present info and history would be in order. We're 34(M) and 33(F) years old, married for a bit over ten years, have no children and are essentially your typical working white collar professionals. As for our history and how we got here, it seems semi unique in general...but perhaps not in a community such as this. HA HA!

So, fresh out of high school, we were set up on a blind date of sorts. Basically, her very good friend started seeing his very good friend but neither drove so she got stuck being their chauffeur under the guise of hanging out. She requested he bring someone for her to hang out with and that's where he entered the mix. At that time, we were going to start college locally, so didn't want to start dating someone. But, we became FWBs.

After awhile (maybe a year), that dreaded word came up...feelings. Ew! HA HA! Anyhow, while we were together early on, we met a couple of people who introduced us to the world of swinging (we were both 23). They ran a club and we were curious enough to poke around. OK...maybe the wrong choice of words. Nothing ever happened there other than learning and such.

Fast forward about a year and we're married. She'd always been bi-curious with very limited experience and we've always discussed it at various points and to different levels (this was part of the interest in swinging...just wound up not being of interest to us). After being married for about six years or so, we opted to delve in to things a bit more. Early on, it was purely physical but we were only looking for an on going FWB set up. Over that time, our conversations and general interest have become more poly in nature. And, as a result, we had developed two actual relationships with women (at separate times). One ended and the other is still kind of in limbo. She is in an open poly (M primary, we are her secondary) on top being a doctor in her residency so time is very limited. But, that's a different discussion all together.

So, that's a bit about us. Where we're at, how we got here, etc. We've only spoke briefly with very few poly people in our area and will be exploring more as time moves forward. Interestingly enough, we've received some rather harsh judgement from all three people we've come across because of the way we're poly (essentially, an equal triad is what we seek) doesn't fit their definition. Thought that was rather humorous. Anyhow, we're guessing that's not really indicative of the community as a whole.

So, with that, we say hello and nice to meet you. You'll likely see us pop up here and there with questions and opinions. And certainly feel free to ask us anything you may want to know!

-Crysti and Adam
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