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There is no answer to that question. You are ready when you are ready. For you to be "ready faster" speaks to your needing reassure and being able to trust her with your emotional safety. She shows you behaviors that are nurturing and trust building and emotionally safe how? In the past and in the present?

When she rushes you, pushes you for unrealistic things like "give me a time/date when you will feel over X", and rushes off to date people (you have written several posts on how she rushes with new people and does not meet your need for pacing) it doesn't create a climate of "emotionally safe" to me. So no. You don't feel emotionally safe here yet.

How about stop talking about feelings and start talking about BEHAVIOR? What behaviors will she do to aid you? What behaviors will you do?

Could start with better conflict resolution method maybe? This sounds like tantrum to me.

She expressed this with tears and shouting, then coldness, over the past couple of days.


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