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Originally Posted by Donovon View Post
She now has another and they are doing well, yet from time to time I get all crazy and I am like " That is my wife!" Then I take a step back and go I made this decision chill out. I am wondering if this is normal.
Could this be just our cultural and societal monogamous mainstream talking to you. I take it as such when I get that, "what the FUCK???!!!" feeling sometimes

Mono says that to himself sometimes too he is adding... "hey that's someones WIFE!!!!"

Then we take a breath and realize we are all okay and we are all happy and content and it's working!

Originally Posted by Donovon View Post
I like the guy she is seeing he is great and nothing but respectful and awesome to her and myself. Even recently I have spoken to her and we have decided it is ok if I pursue another but I don't have the want to, and that is the other thing that is strange that even though I have made the decision to be poly with my wife is it weird that I am not looking to take advantage of what I am allowed to do?
It takes a lot out of partners to deal with their partner being with more than just them. It took my husband a long time to settle in and feel like it was okay to wander out and seek someone for himself. He feels content with how things are just as they are... there is no rush and no intent in every person he meets. He builds friendhsips with people and then sees where things go, most often they just become close non-sexual friends. Sometimes that lasts longer anyway. The best thing is that there is the option.
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