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Latest ones:

from ragingbull(numbers after that). Ew.

"Are you into short term casual sex"

nothing else. Next!

29 year old guy, cute pix, musician, profile says hes looking for women up to age 35 for "friends," but his Q&As indicate he has a high libido and is kinky. So, I guess he'll settle for a horny kinky 57 year old to get him off. Great.

next one:

"how are you today"

No caps, can't even lift a finger to add a question mark? He gets no response.

next one, no profile, no pix, no Q&As:

"I'm very interested in meeting... have been married for 30 plus years... no intimacy in the last 15 - 20.
Sex is still very important... if you're interested, I can provide more info.


I responded just because I was pissed off:

"Please learn to read women's profiles and Q&As. I am not interested in cheaters."

I have been talking to one nice 30something guy about making jam and music and things though.
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