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Oh excellent. Because it wasn't going to be weird enough for three of us to be together....we couldn't manage it in August, we couldn't manage it for my birthday, now we're scheduled for christmas. With family. Yah, that won't be weird.

It may not be, I don't know. I've already laid it all out in my head, so I can check that possibility off the list. It never goes the way I think it might.

I think I said in my other thread, CBF's family has been doing this huge full-catastrophe two-family thing on xmas eve for most of his life. It's a wonderful wonderful thing and I love it. It got canceled this year, so now it's down to just three of us. But CBF was bugged at the thought of FBF spending xmas eve alone at home (even though that's what he usually does, and he pretty much likes it just fine).

So, his mom called tonight to talk to me about the xmas eve dinner. I let CBF know she'd be calling him. Then he decides FBF needs to come to dinner. I said you go ask him. So he did. Very persuasively apparently.

Then I talked to FBF about logistics. I suggested he take the train (which he loves) and then we could still go to SF on xmas day, and I could drive, and get him home in time for him to work.

I'm going to insist I drive, and we go home after dinner ~ shouldn't be too hard, as CBF has to be at work early on xmas day. I'm not dealing with sleeping arrangements at mom's. Means I have to be the designated driver though.

I'm completely excited, and also completely freaked out.

and breathing, I promise. I'm breathing.
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