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Default can it be poly if you only have sex with one?

Can a relation ship still be defined as poly (in your own definition) if you and your main partner decide to only have sex with just each other but still "date", flirt, and kind of "mess around" with other people (openly)? What are peoples personal definition of different terms?

REASON I ASK: My husband is "hanging out" with a new female co-worker A LOT! They go on dates, go places with her children, text all the time, and even call each other, but ARE NOT SEXUAL. I just meet her last night and they have been going out one-on-one for two months! I have no problem with this because I fully trust my husband and he says they are just friends (though all his spare time is spent with ether me or her and not his male friends he use to hang out with). What do you all think about my first question? and what do you think about my husband and his new girl?
The only thing that bothers me about his new "friend" is he won't talk with her about how she feels about the relationship... he says she KNOWS they are just friends and has hinted around it but is too embarrassed to just come out and ask. Should he have to? (not that I care if they do date "for real", just want them both to be on the same page)!!! Thoughts?

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