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Oh man, now I wish I hadn't deleted the novellesque tale of the tragic horseman I got in my inbox the other day. I did respond, to tell him it was the weirdest thing I'd ever been sent, but....definitely not interested.

(All his pictures were of a guy in one of those rubber horsemasks, and the profile says stuff like:

"I'm just a proud steed wandering this stable we call life. Someday I hope to jump that gate and find my place among the stars.

If you've ever watched Graze Anatomy, you'd also understand that I'm looking for my Mare-dith. Could you be that special somebody?"

and (you'll like this one):

"You should message me if
You want a man who values good humor over all and isn't afraid to mix it up for fun.

Or if you're a unicorn. Damn they are hot." )

I also got one recently that said "I don't usually message plus size girls on here but you seem cool."

.... I'm a size 0. I gave him SO MUCH CRAP for trying to neg me (and he responded with the "Game" script for handling a girl who's heard of the Game. It was absurd.)
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