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Originally Posted by Love2Bake View Post
I would *never* ever have sex with someone without protection, who is sleeping with other people. Are you seriously asking this?? I guess you don't know many people who have HIV. Or who KNOW they have HIV. That is a ridiculous question. WHY add additional risk? Your health is at stake!!! No, girl. No. I would not bring this up. Because I'd be worried about diseases so I wouldnt have sex without a condom.

I am OCD about hand washing.
Being OCD about hand washing can actually have the reverse effect. You need some exposure to germs in order to build and maintain a strong immune system. Kids who grow up in sterile environments become adults who are susceptible to every little bug that goes around. Kids who grow up eating mud become adults who fake sick days, just so they don't lose them.

I can't imagine being that lackadaisical about sexual protection.
There's nothing lackadaisical about fluid bonding (I hate that term, but it is what it is) with a committed long-term partner. She's not talking about some guy she just met last week. I grew up in the 90s so I know where you're coming from; HIV is terrifying. That's why you get tested first, and again 6 months later, before taking off the latex. That's why you only sleep with people you can trust to be honest about their other sexual exploits. That's why you insist they wear condoms with any other new partners.

What amuses me is people who get so hell-bent on HIV and ignore the other hundred STIs you can get, many of them when you are using condoms. If you're not 100% sure about where they've been and whether they're clean, don't have sex with them period, condom or no condom. Herpes and genital warts, for example, can both be transmitted with condoms.

Actually, to me the bigger issue is that you're uncomfortable discussing sex with your boyfriend. Is this a problem in other areas of your communication, or specific to this situation? You shouldn't be sleeping with someone if you can't comfortably talk to them about sex and protection...
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