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Originally Posted by Messieh28 View Post
Hey I haven't checked with a doctor, but the way to differentiate between a biological vs psychological cause of this is whether or not someone is hard in the morning. I have no issues with that so it's likely psychological.
That, and the fact that you're only feeling it towards one person... physiology is not partner-selective; it either works or it doesn't. If it works, but only with some people, then it's psychological. That's not to say psychology can't affect biology... but not in terms of blood flow problems, or other purely physiological medical issues.

Something that no one has mentioned is that it's perfectly acceptable to have a romantic relationship without a sexual component. There are people who are completely asexual, people who go through asexual phases throughout their life (me), people who fall in love with an opposite-sex partner only to later realize they're homosexual, people who marry a size 6 who lazily grows into a size 16 when they're only sexually attracted to petites... In all of those cases, you can have a perfectly healthy, enjoyable, fulfilling relationship, all without sex.

Clearly, you want this to be a sexual relationship, so I'm not suggesting you simply give up. But perhaps realizing that it doesn't need to be a sexual relationship can help take the pressure off...
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