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I'm going away with MrBrown this weekend. I'm so excited to see him... it's been too long, and he even said in an email yesterday that he 'missed me a little'. Now this is a huge statement for him.. here's a guy who mentioned 'Love' on the third date, and who never hesitates to tell me he loves me.. but he almost never says anything that could be interpreted as vulnerability or neediness, so he never says he misses me, or even that he wants to see me. I've gotten used to this and don't expect it anymore (and am careful about saying too many of these things myself, although I do sometimes say them, because I do feel them). But yes, I have to admit that that email brought on a huge smile when I read it.

A weird little predicament though... I just got a text from C asking me what my plans for the weekend are... we're not seeing each other until next week, but we usually chat daily and catch up on what our plans are. Now, while he has no jealousy issues when it comes to my husband, he definitely has them when it comes to MrB, and he has asked me a while ago not to tell him beforehand, when I have a date planned.

So now when he asked me what my plans for the weekend were, I basically lied and said 'nothing special' which makes me feel bad, but on the other hand, I can't really say anything else...
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