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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
"Expecting" an answer just seems unrealistic - when so many seem to go unanswered. I could see sending a message "just because" a random thought occurred to me based on their profile and it amused me (and might amuse them).

For the record, PorcupineTree's message would have gotten my attention, amused me, and (if the profile was interesting to boot) gotten a reply. (It contains punctuation, humor and science trivia.) Then again, I am a science geek... (and am pretty un-gross-outable when it comes to bodily functions)

Very interesting. I'm also pretty un-gross-outable (great word!) but the mentioning of farts in a first message would not amuse me at all! Well like PorcupineTree said, that just goes to show that people respond and react differently, the recipient of the message seemed to take it pretty well
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