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Default I'll probably fall in love with you too

I'm a cynical misanthrope, but I happen to fall in love with "everyone I meet".

I've labeled this disease of mine as polyamory. At one point it was under control, but right now, it feels like a wildfire. I feel as though I'm polyamorous because what I feel for people other than my girlfriend is genuine love, and rarely sexual desire.

I've talked about my feelings openly with my girl, but it only depresses her. There's no way she'd be able to handle me being with someone else too. And I'd pick her over anyone else.... I think.

Along with polyamory, my other flaws include depression, anxiety, slight psychosis, and pretty prominent memory problems.

I mention these things because they all affect my stand-point on polyamory and my love life; especially the memory issues/mental illness. There are days when I can't fully remember why I am with my current girlfriend, I can't remember why I love her. I know that this is an unrelated issue. But I do wonder if I'm not actually polyamorous.. if I'm just forgetting what I have.

Anyway, I've come to this website for a different reason than just finding a support group. I've come here to "cure" myself. I don't want to have these feelings for other people. It's messing up my life, my friendships, my mind.

I hope I can find answers here,
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