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Monday's Guy needs a name, because I can't keep referring to him as Monday's guy. How about McCoy after Jack McCoy from Law & Order? Sounds good to me. They're both lawyers. Different areas of the law, but for my purposes it works. LOL

McCoy and I firmed up plans for our date on Monday, just to have to move things to Thursday a few hours later because he received a message that his cousin is coming through and wants to spend the night at his place that night.

I like that McCoy was genuinely distressed (not overly so, or out of proportion, but he felt like an ass) about the change in plans. Maybe that's shallow, but it felt nice. This is so new between us that I'll take any little crumb that says he wants to spend time with me.

I've really enjoyed our interactions. He's busy, but he makes sure to initiate contact every few days or so. I also like that he's honest. He said he's been figuring out how he can get me to his house so he can get in my pants. Honesty is so sexy.
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