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Default Power Dating / Collecting People

I have someone in my life that is bringing up some interesting questions for me. They are openly poly, and love to date - they currently do not have a primary, and are in two opposite sex relationships, and three same sex relationships. Despite these multiple partnerships with people that they seem to really like and connect with, they continue to date regularly, and often with new people.

From outside the situation I am of two minds. One is: Good for you! Have fun! Date! Be sexy and sexual and enjoy getting to know new people. The other is: Are you collecting people? Will there be a point where you have "enough" people? Is this about attention and insecurity, or a problem with committing to particular relationships?

It's been an interesting thing to observe on an external level, but even more so on an internal level. On a base level, it's not really my business who my friends or partners date - yes, I want them to be safe and happy with whomever they choose, but even when those things go sideways it's still not really my business what they do. So, why does this seem to be bugging me so much? It's interesting stuff, to be sure.
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