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Does this resonate?

Doing enough page 5 and 6 things?

For him -- what needs are not being met by her? That cause the feelings of jealous? If not her, what inner monologue thoughts are causing the upset that you could change? You control your thinking pattern/habits.

For her -- your partner is struggling. Are you swept up in New Relationship Energy? Oversharing your joys? Feelings are not objective -- measure specifically. How many days a week do you set time aside for just husband? To nurture THAT relationship? Is it balanced with the time set aside for the new BF?

Practical suggestion:

He wants to. But when he comes home and sees "him" on her webcam, it just sends him to a very dark place.
  • Perhaps could schedule webcam dates for times husband is not in the line of site of the computer?
  • Perhaps could schedule time with husband before and after dates for preparation (before care) and reconnection? (after care)


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