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I'm not an active advice giver, but here I go

Be gentle with yourselves and with each other. Your compassion for each other is evident in your post.
It's ok to accept it's a hard path. At times it may feel like two different paths, rather than the one path that you may be used to walking together.
And life is like that in many ways...

There's been many times when I've felt my love/s have veered onto a path that is askew with my own, and often that's had nothing to do with relationship issues.. Or polyamory. It's always been a pleasure to find a reconnecting path.

I'm not sure about poly/open/swinging either... And I've spent many years studying and researching the fine lines.
A month is not long. Spend some time cuddling in bed, drifting to sleep in each others arms without the need to talk or analyse.
You've probably been spending so much time thinking, and that can be exhausting.
Rest I would advise,
Take care
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